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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Why you should watch the World Cup on a Smart TV

Smart TVs are the rave of the season and rightly so. Gone are the days when you turn on the television waiting for the channel to start broadcasting. 

Now, the power is in your hands! These devices earned their place by distinguishing themselves from the rest with key features. They have integrated internet and interactive web features. Smart TVs are a combination of flat screen televisions and computers. However, as beautiful and aesthetically appealing as these devices are, they are high-end devices and so come with a hefty price.

For smart TVs, their operating system is preloaded i.e. software apps can be preloaded to the device and updated through an app store similar to smartphones. These devices provide access to content stored on external devices such as an external hard drive and internet applications like YouTube such that one can connect to the internet on the smart TV to watch a YouTube video. Some even enable speech recognition and gestures. The possibilities on these devices are endless!

Features of Smart TVs

Shape: The smart TV is slim. It has no bulge at the back and this makes it easy to fit to the wall. Some have a small stand beneath and can be balanced on a TV stand.
HD Picture Quality: This is perhaps one of the best features of the smart TV. Its high definition picture quality helps the viewer to see a much clearer picture. The picture is brightened than ever before.

Internet access: 
Operating system
Social networking: Some come pre-packaged with room for extension. This addition may provide an interaction between on-screen content and other viewers, something that is not available to most televisions. It also gives room to enjoy a cinematic experience in the comfort of your home, a feature unavailable to computers.
Advertising: Some products support interactive advertising with local advertising insertion. This provides more possibilities in terms of consumer call-to-action and measurement solutions for ad campaigns.
Miracast: This is a standard for wireless connections from other devices such as smartphones to display on smart TV.

With the above features, you might wonder just how much you would need to spend to get one of these high-end devices. Well, the good news is that some of these devices are affordable. 

Five (5) affordable Smart TVs: Sharp LE280X (32 Inches); TCL D2910 (32 Inches); LG 32LJ57M; Hisense & LG.

Want to purchase one of these? Jumia has all of these and more! One will be delivered to your doorstep if you require. Find more categories on the website to make your shopping experience enjoyable.

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